Study Tours

The objectives of the three-week study tours are to learn about the different ways to innovate by visiting well-known innovative businesses and clusters all over the world:

  • Discover where innovation is happening and how it affects ICT
  • Work on your own innovative project throughout the program
  • Develop your own international project 

The program abroad includes

  • Company visits (big and small) with meetings and interactive exchanges
  • Master classes from local specialists, from our faculty and corporate partners
  • Faculty and Business Executives actively evaluate and assist participants in their development


America (San Fransisco)


Silicon Valley in the USA remains one of the strongest clusters in the world for innovation. The objectives are to:

1.Understand the American model for innovation

2.Build a business plan/business

3.Develop a business strategy for the USA



Asia (India)

IMG_2579Learn about innovation in India, a country of many constrasts while also quickly developing in the area of ICT. The country has now some of the largest and most prestigious ICT companies that export both to Europe and the USA in the area of software and other applications. You will understand the Indian model for innovation, the logic of open source, local innovative projects and innovation at lowcosts

1.Appreciate the diversity that exists in India

2.Learn how one works in India

3.Cities to visit includes: Bengalore, Chennai



Europe (Finland)


Finland is a country for innovation, one of the three world leaders. Finland has created its own way to mix innovation with engineering, design and management. The objectives linked to this study tour are to:

1. Understand the Finnish innovation model and its ecosystem

2.Learn how open innovation works

3.Apprehend how to develop an innovative business in Europe