Tuition Fees

The tuition fees are 40 000 €

These include the accommodation, transport and food for the three one-week international study tours in Asia, Europe and the USA.

Additional charges will be at your expense such as travel, personal expenses during the study tours, and living expenses during classroom weeks . 

How to finance your EMBA?


You have different options to finance your Executive MBA:

Financed by the candidate


The CIF is the personal leave for training, allowing the employee to go out of his/her job to do a training course to qualify himself/herself, evolve or retrain. CIF is opened under certain conditions. It is granted with the consent of the employer. The employee is paid during all the duration of the training by public organizations such as Fongecif, Opacif . See more information on

Reduce expenses from taxable income

In some countries, an option exists that allows reducing some training expenses of the taxable income. In France, candidates can deduce formation, travel and accommodations fees.  If you are concerned, you should request more information from the tax authorities.

Financial aids by country

Financing aids are available in different countries, thus you are invited to contact your local organizations for more information on financing options available there. 

Financed by the company
Training plan

All the employees of the company are concerned. The training plan is annually set up by the company from the needs for training expressed during the evaluation interviews; it lists training initiatives, skill assessments and Validation of Prior Experience (VAE) which will be decided by the employer.

In this context, the obligations of the employer are:

  • Ensuring the adaptation of the employees to their job
  • Watching the evolution and the preservation of the employees in the employment
  • The development of  skills.
Financed by our scholarships

The Executive MBA represents an important investment, as personal as financially. Because Télécom Ecole de Management is a public, socially inclusive institution, we offer several scholarships. Candidates can apply for different scholarships, and the amount awarded can be up to 25 000€.

Digital entrepreneurs

Our Executive MBA has a strong focus on entrepreneurship and innovation. In the EMBA cohort, there are already successful entrepreneurs and brilliant entrepreneurs-to-be.

This scholarship is intended to encourage entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs who want to develop their business through EMBA studies.

  • Eligibility: Candidates who have already launched their business or candidates who already have a rather advanced project they want to launch.

Women in Leadership

Women are usually under-represented in leadership positions, especially in the IT and innovation sector.

This scholarship is intended to encourage high quality female candidates to access EMBA studies and thus improve leadership opportunities for women in business.

  • Eligibility: Candidates should have proven to be a female role model, through their professional and/or personal achievements.

International travelers

Our Executive MBA participants have international profiles. The part-time format allows candidates living and working abroad to continue their career and commute to Paris to follow their EMBA classes.

This scholarship is intended to encourage participants living outside of France to follow the EMBA program.

  • Eligibility: All candidates living and/or working outside of France.


Following an EMBA degree is a significant investment but we believe financing should not be a reason not to attend a high-quality program once a candidate has found the right program for him/her.

This scholarship is intended to allow candidates who have limited financial resources to follow the EMBA program (savings, bank loans…)

  • Eligibility: Candidates who have difficulties to find sources of funding and would not be able to follow the program without any external financial aid


Our EMBA is designed for high potential candidates who will be able to drive tomorrow’s business success. This scholarship for excellence is for outstanding candidates who have demonstrated remarkable achievements in their academic, professional and personal lives. This merit-based scholarship is also a chance for us to attract the best candidates in the EMBA class.

  • Eligibility: All EMBA candidates
Advantageous bank loans

La Société Générale and BNP, in partnership with Telecom Ecole de Management, can support you in your projects and offers customised financial solutions.

The student status offers you advantageous loans at prime rate. To take advantage of it, there is only one condition: the opening of a bank account with our partners.

You are foreigner? A guarantor domiciliated in France is mandatory. 

If you want further information regarding the financing, do not hesitate to contact us.