The EMBA program will give you the skills to develop your own project. The idea may have been proposed inside your own company or figuring a complete new business to start. Whether you do not have a specific idea when you come, since you are eager to change the world,  you will acquire all the necessary skills to catch opportunities throughout the program

Your project, responding to the reality of today's world market, will be developped throughout the program, which will help you understand :

  • How to master the methodology and implementation of international projects 
  • How to apply theoretical knowledge to new and concrete situations
  • Define and implement processes on international scale
  • Manage innovation and change while serving as an interface between technical and managerial spheres
  • Manage the labor market and build one’s professional project in an international context
  • Understand the culture of the countries in which they are learning


At the end, your individual project will be the subject of a written report and presented to a jury.

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