This group of the best french "Grandes Ecoles" in information and communication technologies is one of the leading higher education and research in this area in France and Europe. With the joint expertise of Telecom Schools and Mines Schools, the full scope of high-tech is covered. 

Under the aegis of the Ministry of Economy, Institut Mines-Telecom is also a key player in supporting the creation of new activities and innovative business start-ups.

This network is prominent in the ICT area, nationally and internationally. You will have access to TEM’s alumni network of the schools of Institut Telecom and the reknowned engineering schools known as the “Ecoles des Mines”: a combination of over 30 000 alumni.

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Julien Faury

julien faury

"I have been a business manager in IT since 15 years. The Executive MBA “Leading Innovation in a digital world” gave me three master tools for my professional project:

  • - The confidence in my ability to succeed,
  • - The network worldwide, and
  • - The humility to learn and listen... 
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 Laurence Fornari

"I am the CEO and founder of Ikon Associates, a digital video strategic consulting company. I serve as Sales director at Labgency, a VOD premium platform provider.

After my Master of Science, my career foundation started in Thomson Thales research lab, I joined Cadence in 1999, the leading provider of EDA and semi-conductor IP in San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area, in the early days of color screen and video-enabled embedded architecture. I then joined Packet Video, a San Diego based company in the heyday of multi-millions start-ups (120Mi$ total founding’s).
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Marc Picornell

marc picornell"Being trained both in the fields of business and new technologies greatly please the employers. The MBA allows to take charge of his destiny, to open new doors.
I have been hired as Cloud solutions architect at Eriksson, in Irland. In June 2014, I left the first promotion of the EMBA Télécom école de management. Beforehand, I was a technical manager at HP, I had an engineering degree. I was in mid-career,  I thought that I would perhaps not spend the rest of my life doing the same job.
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